Dienstag, 16. Juni 2009

Das ganze Büchergestell habe ich gestern und heute ausgeräumt, gereinigt und um ca. 45 cm verschoben! Mit dem Verschieben gewinne ich etwas mehr Platz zum nähen! Fürs schlafen brauche ich ja nicht so viel Platz, hauptsache ich komme ohne Hindernis ins Bett! ;-)

Yesterday and today I have taken out all the books from the bookshelf, cleaned it and then rearranged the shelf about 45 cm! With the rearranging I gained a little more place for sewing! For sleeping it is okay not to have so much place, the most important thing is, that I can get into my bed without a barricade! ;-)

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Linda hat gesagt…

I enjoyed looking at an enlargement of your photo because I could read all the titles in your collection! Wow, you have a lot of quilting books! I could see which books are American and which are European because the spine titles face opposite directions. Hmm, there are a few I would like to borrow. How I wish we lived closer to one another!