Montag, 11. Januar 2010


Dieses Buch "All my thanks and love to Quilts" von Keiko Goke habe ich bestellt und habe übers Wochenende darin geschmöckert. Die Quilts gefallen mir ausserordentlich gut und auch wenn alles in japanisch geschrieben ist, versteht man anhand der Skizzen ganz gut, wie so ein Quilt genäht wird.

This book "All my thanks and love to Quilts" from Keiko Goke I have received and over the weekend I could look through this book a lot. The colorful quilts I really love and even when everything is written in Japan, you can understand how to sew a quilt because of the drawings.

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XUE hat gesagt…

Hallo again! Today was the last day of the Tokyo Quilt Fest. My 9 yr old daughter & I were there for the 3rd time this week! We bought this same book & Keiko Goke was there to autograph it in person, at her booth. She was very pleasant & even asked her assistant to take pics of us, with her. Her quilts are even more spectacular in reality! We are really lucky to be living here.