Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

aufräumen / clean up

Hier wäre wiedereinmal dringend aufräumen angesagt, aber bei dem schönen Wetter gehe ich doch lieber ins Schwimmbad und da ich diese Woche an 2 Tagen unterwegs war, rief auch der Haushalt nach mir. Uebrigens war das Wasser heute bereits 19,1°C (66,4°F) also herrlich erfrischend.

Here I must have to clean up but with this wonderful weather (after one week of rain) I'd rather go to the outdoor swimmingpool and because this week I've been away for 2 days there is also a household calling me! By the way the water temperature at the outdoor swimming pool is 19,1°C (66,4°F) just nice and refreshing.

1 Kommentar:

Linda hat gesagt…

This looks like a fun mess that won't take too long to organize. And you will feel so good about starting your next project once you are finished.

I've been doing some clean-up too. No swimming pool time for me though! The outdoor pools here haven't even opened yet! Enjoy yourself.