Sonntag, 30. März 2014


heisst auch mein Quilt, der zur gleichnamigen Ausstellung angenommen wurde.
is also the name of my quilt which was accepted into the exhibition.
Teximus, 83 x 105 cm, 2013
Teximus, 33 x 41", 2013

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quilthexle hat gesagt…

Sehr interessanter Quilt - klasse! Sind die Quiltlinien "einfach gerade Linien", freihand gequiltet?

FlourishingPalms hat gesagt…

I love this quilt, Edith! The colors are great, and you've done a bit of improv piecing, so those rows aren't exactly precise. But it's really great! Is it for sale? Were you able to sell it at the show?