Montag, 10. August 2015

The Festival of Quilts

Zusammen mit meiner Freundin Heidi war ich letztes Wochenende in Birmingham am Festival of Quilts und übernachtet haben wir im malerischen, englischen Städtchen Solihull.
Together with my friend Heidi I have been in Birmingham at the Festival of quilts over the last Weekend. We stayed in the beautiful english town of Solihull.
 Stadtzentum von Solihull
Center of Solihull

Blick in die enorm grosse Ausstellung
view into the huge Exhibition

Heidi beim shoppen
Heidi shopping

gehört natürlich auch dazu: Fish & Chips
of course you have to eat: Fish & Chips

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FlourishingPalms hat gesagt…

Oh! I didn't know you were going to Birmingham. It's wonderful that you and Heidi got to go. Did you love the quilts you saw? I know several quilters from Instagram whose quilts were displayed there. Did you buy lots? Hope you had a wonderful time. It sure looks like a pretty area to be in!