Montag, 18. März 2019

Stoffauswahl / fabric selection

Könnte das die Stoffauswahl für den patCHquilt Challenge sein? Leider darf ich nicht mehr zeigen, da es gemäss den Regeln nicht erlaubt ist, finde ich schade, denn ich schaue es als Werbung an, damit es Leute animiert die Ausstellung in echt zu sehen.

Could this be my fabric selection for the patCHquilt challenge? Unfortunately it is not allowed to show more because of the rules. I personally think it's a pity because this also could go as publicity so the people want do see this exhibition.

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FlourishingPalms hat gesagt…

I agree with you! It's important to share challenge projects as we work on them, so others become interested in either participating in the challenge too, or at least going to see the finished quilts. In Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild, our last three challenges have been public... we are supposed to share, and that way we can also except ideas and help from others. It's been wonderful, I think, and others from our chapter agree. I hope PatCHquilt someday will talk about making a change. It's good for everyone!