Freitag, 10. Dezember 2021

Immer bevor ich mich wieder etwas intensiver mit einem Quilt befasse, spiele / nähe ich so vor mich hin und dabei kommen dann meinstens "Stoffe" heraus, die ich für textile Karten oder für Täschli brauchen kann. 

Always before I start a new quilt, I play / sew around with everything which lays around. Mostly there will be some new "fabrics" which I can then use for textile cards or little bags. 

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FlourishingPalms hat gesagt…

I see you're still using your Bernina circular attachment. I know exactly where mine is, but I haven't used it since you were here! I should, but embroidery designs don't seem to fit with the modern quilt style. Still, your piece is really pretty. Love your stitch choices and the colors. It will be great in a future project!