Montag, 8. Dezember 2014

Guetzle / making cookies

Einen weiteren gemütlichen Nachmittag zusammen mit meinem Töchterli im Zeichen der Vorweihnachtlichen Zeit - beim guetzlen, mmmhhh

An other nice and cozy afternoon together with my daughter during the christmas time - making cookies, mmmhhhhh


Gisela Suski hat gesagt…

So glad you are enjoying your daughter's stay. Love those cookie
design. Your country is very special for Christmas holiday.

marilis hat gesagt…

mmmhhhhhhh fein gseht s us!!!
liebe Grüsse

FlourishingPalms hat gesagt…

Congratulations, Edith! I know this is news you have been waiting for! Excellent that you have two quilts to finish now. Have fun! Enjoy knowing you're already "in" this great display of quilts.

FlourishingPalms hat gesagt…

How nice that you could share cookie-baking time with Susanne. I hope you had a happy time together. I'm trying not to be jealous because I will be spending Christmas time only with Dan. We will be alone.